pebble-steelIt is hardly an industry secret that Apple’s iOS system is rather closed in which Apple, for the most part, decides what customers can and cannot do with their devices, along with the type of apps that are available for download. Recently it seems that Apple has taken issue with developers who have publicly declared their support for the Pebble Watch in their apps.

Now just like how some apps are available on iOS and Android, it seems that Apple does not take too kindly to developers who have that description in their listing. Recently a developer for the app SeaNavUS was notified by Apple with the message saying, “We noticed that your app or its metadata contains irrelevant platform information in the app. Providing future platform compatibility plans, or other platform references, is not appropriate for the App Store. Specifically, your app and app description declare support for the Pebble Smartwatch.”

Now according to the developer of the app, they have been supporting the Pebble Watch platform for almost two years, but it has been speculated that with Apple Watch launching tomorrow, Apple is trying to “shield” users from the possibility of other platforms. This isn’t to say that apps developed for the Apple Watch can’t be developed for other platforms, it’s just that Apple does not want it in its description.

While it’s easy enough to remove the description from the app listing, its implications are troubling and we’re sure that more than one developer can’t be too comfortable with this arrangement. In the meantime it looks like Android Wear’s future on iOS is looking rather bleak.

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