apple watchElectronics in Brazil are subject to extremely high prices, a little ironic considering that some of the companies that make your electronics such as Foxconn have operations in the country as well. That being said did you know that Apple’s most expensive Apple Watch in the country will set customers back a whopping $30,000?

This is according to MacMagazine in Brazil who has listed the prices of the Apple Watch in the US against that in Brazil. The most expensive model is the Apple Watch Edition which in the US would have cost an absurd $17,000, but after applying taxes and whatnot, it rockets to $30,000 in Brazil. So if that’s the most expensive, what is the cheapest?

The cheapest is the Apple Watch Sport which is priced at $350 in the US, but when sold in Brazil, it is priced at around $625 after conversion from the Brazilian real. Yikes! That’s even more expensive than the Apple Watch which starts at $550 in the US. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen such ridiculous pricing in the country.

Previously it was reported that the Sony PlayStation 4 was being sold at around $1,850 which is about three times its asking price stateside. We suppose unless tax laws change in the country or unless companies are willing to offer heavy subsidies, it looks like these are the prices Brazilians will have to pay to own Apple’s wearable.

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