Project Ara is Google’s upcoming modular smartphone, and recently we’ve seen competition from the likes of Fonkraft, but if neither of these phones have managed to pique your interest, perhaps this might. Dubbed the Nexpaq, this isn’t really a modular phone per se, but rather it is a smartphone case that features modular elements.

This means that essentially users will be able to keep their smartphone the way they like it but will also be able to add onto it. For example at the moment, the developers behind Nexpaq have envisioned modules such as extra battery packs, an LED flashlight, an SD card reader, speakers, a thermometer and humidity sensor combo, programmable buttons, a USB flash drive, a laser pointer, extra storage, and more just to name a few.

These modules will be controlled via Nexpaq’s app which will also work over Bluetooth for when the case is not attached to a smartphone. Now all of this admittedly sounds very intriguing but we have to wonder about its quality. Speaking to The Verge, Nexpaq’s creators have assured them that the modules have been tested to meet “international quality and warranty standards.”

At the moment the Nexpaq is trying to raise funds via Kickstarter and a pledge of $89 will nab users the case along with four modules, after which they can add on other modules which will vary in price. At the moment the case will support handsets like the iPhone 6, Galaxy S6 Edge, and the Galaxy S5 (oddly enough no Galaxy S6).

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