galaxy-a5-selfieWith the legion of Apple fans fervently defending its products, you would think that perhaps in terms of customer loyalty, Apple would have just about every brand beat, right? However interestingly enough a recent survey conducted by SurveyMonkey has revealed that in terms of customer loyalty, it looks like Apple’s nemesis, Samsung, has them beat.


According to the numbers, it looks like Samsung has Apple beat with a customer loyalty score of 35, versus Apple’s 28. Microsoft on the other hand does not appear to be faring too well with a score of -8. In fact Microsoft was beaten out by the likes of Adobe and Intuit, although to be fair the survey covers electronics/software in which Samsung probably has a broader audience compared to Apple.

For example Samsung deals in televisions, home appliances, audio equipment, and more, while Apple is more towards computers and mobile devices. That being said in terms of customer satisfaction, Apple has everyone else beat by a considerable margin with a score of 41%. Samsung comes in at second with 25%, with Intuit at 24%, Microsoft at 19%, and Adobe coming in last at 16%.

In any case what do you guys make of the survey? Do you agree that Samsung users tend to be more loyal to the company’s products compared to other brands?

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