People who didn’t quite like the Ashton Kutcher starring biopic on Steve Jobs didn’t lose hope because it was common knowledge that another movie on the Apple co-founder was already in the pipeline and this one was based on his official biography by Walter Isaacson. The new movie finally entered production a couple of months ago after getting stuck in limbo at its old studio. Universal picked it up, confirmed the cast and started filming in a matter of months. According to a report the Steve Jobs movie screenplay has been leaked and apparently “it looks fantastic.”

Previous reports have suggested that the movie will chronicle the three most important product announcements in Apple’s history. 9to5mac claims to have read the February 2014 draft of the Steve Jobs movie and says that this is true, the movie will take viewers through the original Mac unveil, the NeXT Cube announcement as well as the iMac presentation.

Michael Fassbender is portraying Steve Jobs in this movie with Seth Rogen taking the role of co-founder Steve Wozniak. Other cast members include Jeff Daniels, Michael Stuhlbarg and Kate Winslet.

The scribe’s report on the leaked screenplay is certainly full of spoilers so if you don’t want to find out how it opens and how it ends, it would be best to not read ahead. The possibility of changes being made to the screenplay exists so there just might be a few surprises when we finally head to a local theater to check out the upcoming Steve Jobs movie.

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