In several markets around the globe the Xbox One is capable of tuning into live programming from broadcast networks however this feature has been missing in North America. Xbox One owners have been consistently asking for it and Microsoft has finally come through. The company today announced that the Xbox One is getting an over-the-air TV tuner which will let users in North America access live programming from broadcast networks like PBS, NBC, FOX and CBS without needing a cable subscription.

Xbox One owners will need to purchase some equipment before they can tune into live programming from the aforementioned networks. They’ll need a TV tuner and an HDTV antenna before they can tap into over-the-air channels.

Microsoft does say that later this year a low-cost Hauppauge TV tuner developed particularly for the Xbox One will be released for just $59.99.

The company cautions users that before they purchase equipment to take advantage of this feature they should find out which channels are likely available in their area, and to find an antenna that’s right for them. Channel availability can be affected by locality and terrain so it’s better to research before spending money on new equipment.

The OTA TV tuner addition really just boosts Xbox One’s TV capabilities. This will certainly appeal to cord cutters who also have the option to go with Sling TV, a $20 per month standalone internet TV streaming service that offers channels like ESPN, CNN, TNT, TBS and more, and happens to have an Xbox One app out already.

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