dominos_tweetRemember yesterday we reported that the WWF would let users on Twitter donate money to save endangered animals by tweeting out animal emojis? Well it looks like emojis are certainly all the rage these days because Domino’s has recently announced that they will start taking pizza orders from customers who tweet them using emojis.

So how does this work? Wouldn’t online orders start getting a bit messy? Well it would, but how it works is that users will first need to have an online Domino’s account. From there they will have to add their Twitter handle to their account, designate an “Easy Order” pizza, and then they’re good to go.

Whenever they want a pizza, just tweet @Dominos with the hashtag #EasyOrder or if that’s just too much typing for you, you can just tweet a pizza emoji instead. After that you should get a direct message from Domino’s confirming your order which will then be delivered to you. Now before you rush out and start tweeting pizza-shaped emojis like crazy, it should be noted that this service is expected to begin next Wednesday on the 20th of may.

According to Domino’s CEO Patrick Doyle, “It’s the epitome of convenience. We’ve got this down to a five-second exchange.” So, who’s planning on tweeting for their pizzas next time?

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