Online streaming services have made it a habit to revive fan favorite TV shows that conventional networks are giving up due to various reasons, obviously commercial considerations are a big part of the decision to either keep a series or axe it from the lineup. Fox recently announced its latest lineup and revealed that it was cancelling The Mindy Project but Hulu stepped in to save the day. The online streaming service has confirmed that it has picked up The Mindy Project for a fourth season.

We’ve have seen this happening before. Netflix brought back Arrested Development and Yahoo saved Community, so it’s not going to surprise anyone that Hulu stepped in to save The Mindy Project.

Hulu already has a relationship with this series given the fact that it’s the exclusive online streaming destination for The Mindy Project. This gives Hulu the ability to make it possible for its subscribers to watch the entire series from start, something which Yahoo can’t do with Community even though it paid for the entire new season.

It has not been revealed as yet when the fourth season of The Mindy Project will be coming to Hulu, however the online streaming service has confirmed that the new season is going to have 26 episodes.

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