Xbox One owners in many other countries across the globe are able to watch live TV through an over-the-air antenna, however this feature wasn’t immediately made available to users in North America. Last month Microsoft confirmed that the Xbox One TV Tuner for U.S. and Canada will be arriving soon, finally allowing users in this part of the world to watch live TV over-the-air courtesy an antenna.

The company has put up an Xbox branded TV tuner for sale today, manufactured by Hauppauge the TV tuner costs $59.99. It’s an inexpensive way to enable the Xbox One to capture over-the-air live TV feeds across the United States and Canada.

Once users can watch live TV, they will also be able to pause it for up to 30 minutes. There’s no DVR feature currently so recording shows is out of the question for now. The Xbox will also allow users to watch live TV in a small snapped window while users play games.

The TV tuner itself is not going to cut it, users will also require an antenna to get live TV up and running on the console. The company is selling a bundle through its online store which offers both the TV tuner and antenna for $99.99.

Microsoft recommends that users visit to find out which channels are available in their area prior to purchase this bundle.

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