apple logoIf the recent reports are to be believed, Apple’s revamped music streaming service is the real deal and it will be announced later today. That being said with so many options to choose from, and let’s not forget that neither iTunes Radio nor Beats Music was particularly successful, how will the new and improved Apple Music fare?

While it might be too early to tell, a report from the New York Times claims that apparently Apple is aiming to get as many as 100 million subscribers with its new music service, although it was not mentioned if this would be done over the course of weeks, months, or years, although admittedly having 100 million subscribers would be quite a feat and would allow it to better compete against Spotify who has about 15 million paid subscribers (60 million active) last we checked.

That is a very ambitious goal but at the same time it does not seem completely implausible. For starters we can only assume that the app and service will come baked into iOS meaning that users won’t need to sign up for a new account or download the app, taking away several steps. It will also most likely be linked to your iTunes account so your credit card is already on file, meaning that subscribing is only a click away.

That and the fact that it is rumored to be priced at $10 a month means it isn’t too expensive. However there are some aspects of the service that might hold users back. One of them is the rumor that there will not be a free listening tier. Instead customers will be given a 3 month trial period, after which they will have to either start paying $10 a month or be unable to use it.

Like we said it might be too early to tell if Apple Music will be good or popular enough for Apple to hit that 100 million mark, but if you’d like to find out if Apple Music is for you, do check back with us later for more WWDC 2015 coverage!

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