applewatchmorganstanleyThe Apple Watch is a new product category and market space that Apple has entered into and according to a research note from Morgan Stanley that was obtained by Business Insider, it seems that interest in Apple’s wearable is gaining a lot of traction. As you can see in the graph above, it seems that interest in the wearable has outpaced that of the original iPhone when it was first launched.

The company tracked interest of the original iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch in its first 5-6 weeks of launch and found that the iPhone managed to garner the most interest at the start, followed by the iPad, and then the Apple Watch. However as the weeks progressed, interest in the original iPhone started to decline rather sharply and around the fourth week, it was overtaken by the Apple Watch.

This doesn’t really come as a surprise given that while the original iPhone was exciting and had great potential, many back then were skeptical of Apple’s ability to make phones and were instead content to turn to more established companies back then such as Nokia and Sony Ericsson, although we suppose that fast forwarded to today, Apple has since proved their detractors wrong.

This also corroborates a report from last month which suggested that sales of the Apple Watch are expected to exceed those of the original iPhone during its first year, but to date Apple has yet to offer up any solid figures, although last we heard Apple had managed to sell at least 2.8 million smartwatches to date.

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