spotify-1In the past we have seen how tools such as Find My iPhone have worked when it comes to recovering stolen property. There was even an instance in which it managed to help locate a woman trapped in a ravine. Interestingly enough despite Spotify not having such tools, let alone needing it, it was recently used to help locate two missing children.


So what’s the story? Basically a woman by the name of Brittany Nunn abducted her children after losing a custody battle against their father. They managed to evade the police for a good many months but instead of relying on existing methods of locating them, Larimer County Sheriff investigator Drew Weber decided to do something different.

After finding out that Nunn was a Spotify user, Weber managed to obtain a search warrant and got access to Nunn’s Spotify account. From there he managed to track the account to an IP address from which it was being used. He also managed to pull records from Nunn’s other accounts such as Netflix and managed to get a location.

They then proceeded to monitor the situation while the FBI, customs officials, and the US State Department worked with the consulate in Mexico on a plan to bring the children and the kidnappers back to the US, which thankfully it all managed to work out in the end. So, Spotify, who would have thought?

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