The Steve Jobs biopic has been in the pipeline for far too long but a few months back the cast was finalized and production went underway, which is why we’re now seeing the first official trailer of the new Steve Jobs movie. It aims to provide a glimpse of the deceased Apple co-founder and CEO’s life during different stages, during his triumphs and defeats. Michael Fassbender is portraying Steve Jobs in this movie and the trailer shows what kind of a performance we can expect from him when this movie finally hits screens.

Reactions have been mixed on the internet, with some saying that Fassbender has done a good enough job of portraying Steve Jobs while others believe that he looks or acts nothing like the Apple co-founder.

The script has been written by Aaron Sorkin and the movie has been directed by Danny Boyle, with Seth Rogen playing Steve Wozniak alongside Kate Winslet as Apple’s marketing head Joanna Hoffman and Jeff Daniels stepping in as Apple CEO John Sculley.

The trailer is now live and you can sit through it to reach your own conclusion regarding Fassbender’s performance, many still hope that this Steve Jobs movie will be much better than the Ashton Kutcher one.

Steve Jobs will be released in theatres across the country on October 9th which is the same week as Jobs’ death anniversary.

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