apple watchEven before the Apple Watch was launched, many had lauded the device as being the smartwatch that would change the landscape of wearables. However upon its release, it seems that reviews of the device were mixed but that’s to be expected, it is the first-generation after all. However recent reports have suggested that maybe the Apple Watch isn’t doing so hot and that sales are declining.


For those who are fans of the Apple Watch and who are hoping the reports aren’t true, you might be in luck. During Apple’s quarterly conference call for the Q3 2015, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook reassured investors that the Apple Watch continued to do just fine. He refuted the reports that the device was seeing a decline in sales, instead pointing out that sales of the wearable actually peaked in June.

Unfortunately apart from being a bit vague, neither Cook nor Apple offered up any specific figures. In fact Apple even lumped the Apple Watch shipment numbers into an “Other Products” category which comprised of devices like the iPod, Apple TV, Beats hardware, and etc. in a bid to conceal the actual numbers from competitors.

However for those who want a rough idea, Apple’s CFO Luca Maestri did offer up some information, and that is the Apple Watch sales in the first nine weeks actually exceeded those of the iPhone and iPad when they first launched, so here’s hoping the device will continue that success in the future.

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