Google has detailed the next major update for Android Wear today, and aside from the fact that Wi-Fi support is finally coming to the LG G Watch R, Google Translate is coming to the wearable platform as well. This means that your Android Wear smartwatch is now fully capable of translating entire conversations. This will be a great help for travelers since they can get translations from their wrist and no longer feel the need to take out their smartphone for this purpose.

It’s not since a simple vanilla port that can get the job done, Google has really put some thought into how the translation experience should feel like on a smartwatch.

If you want to translate a conversation you turn the watch back and forth between yourself and the person you’re trying to have the conversation with. This way when either person is speaking the watch changes direction towards them and picks up the words that need translating.

So far this conversation feature of Google Translate works with 44 languages out of the 90 supported by Google Translate, the company is actively working to improve this number and add support for more languages down the line. You don’t need to pick out the language yourself because it’s more than capable of doing that on its own.

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