Sometime in September, we did bring you word that GoPro, the folks behind a slew of action cameras, are working on their own drone – which makes plenty of sense, really, especially when you take into consideration how their cameras are hardy enough to tackle a bunch of different adrenaline pumping situations and virtually pass with flying colors. Well, we are pleased to bring you GoPro’s very first camera drone footage that you can enjoy in the video above.

One ought to take into consideration that the GoPro camera drone is far from the finished article just yet at this point in time, as the earliest in which it will be ready for mass purchase would be somewhere in the first half of next year, so you can forget about recording your holiday exploits this year from the air. The video footage shown off above from its prototype model shows off some rather impressive capabilities, such as stable footage, colors that are pleasing to the eye, and an extremely sharp image which would most probably be at least 1440p in nature. While these are not cutting edge at the very least, at the bare minimum it shows just how serious GoPro is when it comes to making its mark in the camera drone market. DJI might want to watch their six from next year onward.

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