Update – Salt has been pulled from Indiegogo. A statement on its website claimed that it was because “it straddled the traditional categories of safety device or weapon”. Refunds have since been given to those who pledged their support, and in the meantime the company is looking for alternative crowdfunding platforms.

Most of you guys should be familiar with what a pepper spray looks like. It’s been featured in TV shows, movies, and you’ve probably seen it in real-life. Heck, some of you guys might even own one or two. That being said if you’re looking for a more intimidating device to ward of muggers, perhaps Salt could be worth checking out.

Salt, for those unfamiliar, is essentially at its core a pepper spray. However technically it isn’t so much a spray but a gun. However instead of it firing lead bullets that could potentially kill, Salt instead fires pellets that contain a mixture of powdered chemicals that includes oleoresin capsicum, a ghost pepper extract that is also used in traditional pepper sprays.

Because it is shaped like a gun, its looks are already enough to scare some people off. Also because it can fire pellets, you can shoot from a distance meaning you won’t have to wait until the person is in your face or close to you for it to be effective. The pellets will explode upon contact and because it is in powdered form, exploding it near your target should be enough for them to feel its effects, although hitting them will probably be more effective.

The result, according to its creators, can cause temporary blindness, make the lungs constrict, and sting the skin. Apparently it is more potent that what Homeland Security and the military use as well. While we suppose you could take it out with you, the company is marketing it as a “safe gun” that you can keep around the house.

We suppose that would be wise since the shape itself might draw unnecessary attention from the police or public. Either way if you’d like to contribute to its project, head on over to Indiegogo for the details.

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