surface pro 4Are you excited to see what Microsoft could have in store for us with the Surface Pro 4? We’re sure many are pretty curious about the rumored tablet which from what we know, will be unveiled at Microsoft’s event on the 6th of October. Now the specs of the tablet are still a bit of a mystery, but thanks to a new rumor, one possible feature has been revealed.


According to the rumor, the Surface Pro 4 is said to feature extremely thin bezels around the display. To be more specific, the top and side bezels are said to be nearly invisible, while the bottom bezel is said to be thicker in which the hardware Windows key could be placed. However this is more than just aesthetics.

The rumors claim that the bezels on the tablet will be able to resize itself. Dubbed Smart Frame, apparently the bezels will change sizes depending on whether it is docked or when it is used as a tablet. In docked form, the bezels will remain razor thin to give it a 13-inch display. However when used as a tablet, the bezels will grow a bit bigger and turn it into a tablet with a 12-inch display.

Presumably this is accomplished with the bezels being part of the display as itself, as opposed to physically being there. It’s an interesting rumor but it should be taken with a grain of salt, but what do you guys think of it? Is this a clever idea you can get on board with?

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