adeleThere are various music streaming platforms at the moment and for the most part a lot of them work the same way. So what’s setting them apart? Getting exclusives would be one way to go about it, which is what could be happening with Adele’s upcoming album that has been dubbed “25”.

According to a report from The Verge, they have learnt that Adele’s upcoming album might not make it onto platforms such as Spotify. They have heard that Adele’s team are apparently trying to push it so that only Spotify Premium subscribers could listen to it, but apparently that is something Spotify has been resisting, presumably to be fair to its users.

The company has since denied those claims, stating that, “It is categorically untrue that anyone has asked us to feature Adele’s new album on premium only.” The report goes on to add that if Adele’s album does not make it onto Spotify, then there is a good chance that Apple Music could be one of the few platforms that will offer it either upon its release, or at least within a few weeks.

Apparently Apple had (unsurprisingly) tried to get Adele to sign an exclusive with their platform, but were apparently rebuffed by the singer and her team. We can only assume that an exclusive deal would mean less exposure, especially when you consider that while Apple Music is doing well for a new platform, it doesn’t quite have the same numbers as Spotify does. Adele’s 25 is expected to be released on the 20th of November.

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