Earlier this year it was confirmed that GoPro would be building its own drone. Footage shot by the drone was even teased and now according to a post by GoPro, it seems that the name of the drone has been revealed and it is officially called “Karma”. Unfortunately to date GoPro has not been very specific regarding the features and specs of the drone.

However what the company did reveal is that the drone will be launched in 2016. When exactly in 2016 is anyone’s guess, but we reckon with CES 2016 kicking off in January, it does seem like a good time for the company to make an announcement, but we’re just speculating here although do check back with us then anyway just to be sure.

GoPro’s cameras, due to their small size, have been used by many drones so it makes sense that the company would want to create a drone of their own and with their own brand, and presumably with better and more integrated support for their GoPro lineup of cameras. However the drone market is pretty competitive.

There are companies like DJI and Parrot who make drones, and interestingly enough for those unfamiliar, DJI and GoPro were originally supposed to create a drone together. Unfortunately that deal did not work out and according to DJI’s CEO at that time Frank Wang Tao, it did not sound like an amicable split, leading some to speculate that GoPro’s naming of the drone might have a hidden meaning.

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