nexus 5x meltedJust recently we heard a report about how a man’s iPhone caught on fire while charging. The good news is that it wasn’t on his person so he suffered no damage. Now according to a post on Reddit, a user by the name of AFChimpanse claims that his Nexus 5X actually started to melt while in his pocket.


According to his post, “Was just standing outside when i suddenly felt it heating up in my pocket, took it out super confused as i felt it heat up further. It then started to have a low frizzling sound and smelling extremely toxic. Then the entire phone became way to hot for me to hold and i had to put it on the ground. When I picked it up again i noticed the hole/melted plastic pictured slightly above to the right of the LG Logo as pictured.”

Thankfully there were no injuries from this mishap, but it is still very unfortunate especially when you consider that his phone was brand new and he only had it for 11 days. He also claims that he did not use it with any 3rd party chargers, which is usually the reason in stories about phones catching on fire or melting.

That being said this is definitely an anomaly as so far there haven’t been many reports (if at all) of the Nexus 5X overheating, exploding, or catching on fire, so chances of it happening to you would be pretty slim. Unfortunately no word from Google or LG about this issue.

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