Apple Watch-34R-ModularClock-3rdParty-PRINTWatches aren’t really items that we need to upgrade or change on an annual basis, but given that smartwatches are a tech gadget, and with technology advancing so fast, we guess annual refreshes are to be expected. That being said, when can we expect the 2nd gen Apple Watch? While a date has yet to be locked down, production is said to begin in Q2 2016.

This is according to DigiTimes’ sources who claims that production of the device is expected to kick off in the second quarter of the year. They also claim that Quanta will remain the sole manufacturer of the device, but noted that previously Apple had considered shifting some of the work over to Foxconn.

That being said, there are some rumors floating about regarding the Apple Watch. Some claim that we might see a tiny refresh this March, possibly with just the addition of a FaceTime camera. Others claim that a major redesign is only expected to arrive in the fall of 2016, which has us wondering which Apple Watch can truly be called the second gen?

In any case DigiTimes doesn’t exactly have the best track record with rumors so far, so do take it with a grain of salt, but hopefully we will hear something from Apple in the coming months. Until then if you are thinking about getting the Apple Watch, maybe you’ll want to hold off and see if newer models could be coming soon.

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