Looking to plug something to a wall socket? Sometimes depending on where you are, there might only be one outlet available, or maybe two if you’re lucky. Sometimes you don’t need so many, so some of us don’t bother building so many in, but when it comes to that time, we regret it a little.


Enter OUTlet; This is a wall socket that at a press of a button, it will pop-up and will provide users with access to as many as four outlets. By default it sits recessed against your wall with two outlets. It is a clever design but there are some limitations, at least to this particular version. One of it is that it is 15-amp and lacks GCFI.

However its creators are hoping that with the necessary funding, they will be able to create a 20-amp model with also comes with USB ports, to allow users to charge their mobile devices. The OUTlet claims to be easy to install and will fit standard electrical boxes. Just follow the instructions and you should technically be able to install it yourself if you’d rather save money from hiring an electrician.

However the OUTlet is not exactly cheap. It is priced at $30 per model but if you think that it will be extremely functional and useful for your home, then be sure to head on over to its Kickstarter page to pledge your support.

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