sony-morpheus-gdc2014-hubert-nguyenOculus has announced the price of its virtual reality headset, the Oculus Rift, for $599. This is actually pretty steep and more expensive than what many had originally imagined, but at the same time they are pretty much the only virtual reality headset company to announce pricing of their product, with Sony and HTC/Valve remaining mum so far.

However if you have heard, there were initial reports of the PlayStation VR being priced at a whopping $800, but thankfully that is not true. The original report came from Forbes who spotted a listing for the PlayStation VR on Amazon Canada where it was listed for $800. Safe to say that many were shocked at its price which is not only the cost of two brand new consoles, but more than its competitor as well.

Like we said, thankfully that isn’t true as Sony has since reached out to Forbes with a statement that reads, “This was an error by Amazon, we haven’t announced price for PlayStation VR.” However this also means that the price of the device is still pretty much up in the air, but last we heard, it was estimated that the PlayStation VR could be priced between $400-600.

This was an estimate provided by SuperData so don’t treat it as gospel. That being said, the idea of Sony potentially undercutting Oculus isn’t a stretch of the imagination. They did that with Microsoft to great success, so why not with the PlayStation VR too, right? Until then you can rest assured that the device will not be priced at $800, and hopefully the actual price is anywhere close either.

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