Ford, a car manufacturer that really needs no introduction, has revealed that it’s working to integrate its SYNC Connect platform with Amazon Echo. This will enable to use voice access to give commands to the car via the Echo and vice versa. For example, you can ask Alexa, the personal digital assistant that resides in the Echo, to start your Ford before you leave the house.


Once SYNC Connect and Amazon Echo are integrated the possibilities are going to be endless. You can ask Alexa to start up the car and turn on the heating before you go out, tune the radio to your favorite station, dial in the destination so that navigation is ready to go the moment you sit inside the car.

It would work the other way around as well, so if you’re driving home you command Alexa through SYNC Connect to control smart objects it’s connected to, like the lights, thermostat, locks, garage doors, TVs and so much more. Like I said, the possibilities are going to be endless.

Ford has released a little video which shows just how easily all of this would work though it’s not yet confirming when this functionality will actually be available for everybody. It’s working on integrating the two platforms right now and since that’s not exactly an easy thing to do, it may end up taking a quite bit of time.

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