If you live in cities like Beijing or LA, then you would have learnt to live with smog. Having a day with clean air could seem to be a rarity under such circumstances, and that translates to having to purchase items like air purifiers for your home. Well, here is an Indiegogo project that might pique your interest – the AirVisual Node, which has been deemed to be “the most precise consumer air quality monitor on the market,” while looking cool like all get out.


This personal air quality monitoring device is the AirVisual Node, where it is not meant to remain hidden away from curious eyes, but rather, should be seen by all as it provides visual data on the existing air quality in the vicinity. Needless to say, in order to keep up with the times, it comes with an app for viewing data and receiving alerts, but the actual display on the device makes it a snap for everyone to check out what’s going on at that particular time.

The Node will integrate real-time particulate matter (PM) and CO2 readings, accompanied by temperature and humidity details, showing all of those results on a 5″ LED screen. It will also obtain outdoor air quality data from local official sensors, showing a three day air quality forecast so that you can better plan your outdoor activities in the near future. What do you think of this device, or are you already an expert at telling the air quality at a glance after living in a perpetual smog-filled city for years?

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