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If you were to receive a faulty product, this would be the company at fault. However if you were to take a perfectly fine product, throw it against the wall, driver over it with a tractor, and set fire to it, there’s a very good chance that none of this is covered under your device’s warranty. Recently over in the UK, a man took Apple to court over his broke Apple Watch screen and actually walked away a winner.


Within 10 days of buying his device, Gareth Cross discovered a crack in his smartwatch’s display. He took it back to the Apple Store to have it fixed, presumably as it was covered under the device’s warranty. However he was informed that it was not covered, and decided that the next best course of action would be to sue Apple in small claims court, alleging that the Cupertino company had breached the UK’s Sale of Goods Act.

The case took 6 agonizing months, but thankfully for Cross the judge ruled in his favor, claiming that Apple did breach the contract of sale when they refused to fix the watch despite it being advertised as scratch-resistant. The court then ordered Apple to pay Cross £429 which covered the cost of the watch and the court’s fees.

To top things off, Apple has now changed the description of the watch to remove claims that it is scratch resistant. Speaking to the BBC, Cross was quoted as saying, “The case did start to become a little stressful, especially toward the end with the prospect of having to attend court to defend my claim against what was the most valuable company in the world. I plan to buy another Apple Watch, as for the 10 days I had it, I really liked it, but I may wait until the next model is out.”

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