old-exoskeletonNormally, we love to check out exoskeletons, as these happen to provide one with additional strength, so much so that even children are capable of coming up with their own exoskeleton creation. How about increasing the efficiency of a footsoldier with an exoskeleton that can help improve one’s aim on the battlefield? Well, this particular exoskeleton that you see above will be very different. Rather than making you feel as though you have a renewed body with enhanced strength, it intends to make you feel a century old – which means you will have to endure the likes of stiff joints and fading sight.

This particular suit is special since it replicates a range of age related mobility, hearing and sight challenges that one would normally go through as one ages. The engineers at Ford developed it in order to help them better design cars for elderly motorists. In order to hinder your movement, there are restraints as well as weights thrown into the mix, in addition to a brace that induces a hunch.

The presence of a back restraint and weight vest would make bending over difficult, whereas a vibrating glove replicates the kind of hand tremor which hampers an older people’s dexterity.

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