google-selfie-botIt looks like the folks over at Google are interested in other aspects of life and technology compared to mere Internet search (and have been for some time now), as they now have shown off a robot that is capable of actually transforming selfies into line-drawn art, now how about that when it comes to breaking down the wall between man and machine? It does lend a look to the softer side of cold, hard and unfeeling machines – at least psychologically speaking.

The Android Experiments tent over at this year’s Mobile World Congress has seen Google’s developers from its Creative Lab being very proud of their share of less mainstream apps that people are able to use with the Android ecosystem. One of these apps would be the experimental IOIO that involves selfies. Yes, you read that right, but thankfully the selfies here have nothing to do with a dolphin or a shark.

The moment you snap a selfie, all of the image data will be converted into triangulated coordinates so that the triangle-shaped robot can plot it out on paper. When it has all of the plot points worked out, then your selfie portrait would be completed in a matter of three minutes thanks to the attached ink pen. Surely this ink-drawn selfie has nothing on Mastercard’s plan to authenticate payments using selfies.

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