Sometimes, I do wonder who is the bigger animal – is it the human being or the animal itself? Having gone through the rather distraught news of a baby dolphin die simply because tourists were passing it around to snap selfies with it, here we are with a video of a man actually dragging a shark that was washed ashore to pose for a selfie with it.


This man from Florida actually dragged a rather small shark out of the Atlantic Ocean, in order to snap some glamour shots with it. Needless to say, the man has come into a whole lot of flak ever since the video went up on YouTube by Ashleigh Walters, who is a TV anchor from local NBC affiliate WPTV. Folks were definitely outraged by this act, and this could also be attributed to those who figured out that the shark had been caught on a fishing line before that, as the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission does have provisions for the harvesting of several types of sharks.

Surely there must be a limit to the kind of photos that one can snap with selfies? After all, isn’t snapping selfies a sign of narcissism and psychopathy?

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