iPhone6s-Hand-SafariQuickAction-PR-PRINTThe courts and FBI are insisting that Apple follow their orders and unlock the San Bernardino iPhone. They have asked the Cupertino company to create a backdoor to the phone, which apparently would be the only way to get into the device since Apple does not hold the keys to the phone’s encryption.

So far Apple has managed to resist these orders, but if they were to give in, the company claims it will take a while to unlock, not to mention it will require a fair bit of resources as well. According to a motion Apple filed today, the company claims that to create the backdoor software that the FBI is asking for, it would take them at least a month or even more.

They also claim that it will take 6-10 software engineers to get the job done, which according to Apple will require “engineers from Apple’s core operating system group, a quality assurance engineer, a project manager and either a document writer or a tool writer.” We’re not sure if this is meant to dissuade the FBI, but basically it does not sound as straightforward as you think.

In the meantime John McAfee has volunteered to hack the iPhone, which he claimed he would be able to do in 3 weeks. The tech community has also rallied behind Apple, with a recent report indicating that companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Twitter will be filing a joint amicus brief in a show of solidarity.

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