apple logoEver since the courts ordered Apple to unlock the San Bernardino iPhone, many companies have come forward to offer words of support to Apple. For example we have Google who was one of the first, and then we also have the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp, all of whom appeared to lend words of encouragement to the Cupertino company.

However it seems that they will be doing more than that. At a congressional hearing on Thursday, Microsoft’s legal chief Brad Smith said that the company had plans to file an amicus brief next week in support of Apple’s current situation. A report from Re/code has later revealed that Microsoft will not be alone in this.

Their sources have informed them that other tech companies such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter are all also expected to throw their legal support behind Apple in the following week, and they are all expected to work together in a joint submission to the court, meaning that we can expect one big amicus brief instead of multiple individual filings.

Now whether or not this solidarity will result in anything different remains to be seen, but at the very least it does look like the entire tech community, some of whom might be considered to be fierce rivals on any given day, has been brought together because of this, which certainly makes for a nice change of pace from the lawsuits they used to file against each other.

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