Have you ever gone on holiday and brought a professional camera in hopes of landing some stunning travel photos, only to come back and realize that you would have been just as well off using your smartphone’s camera? If you have, you’re not alone, but in the future a service by the name of Pinpic could be the answer to that problem.

Described as the Uber for photographers, the idea is that travelers will be able to hire photographers in the countries where they are visiting, minus the hassle of going through agencies and not knowing if they might be up to the task at hand. Conceived by Alan Ankajcan, the idea came about after Ankajcan came back from a family holiday with photos he wished a professional could have snapped for him instead.

According to Pinpic’s co-founder Urooj Qureshi, “We crunched some numbers and saw it’s a big enough, growing market within the travel and app space that’s currently not being exploited. The closest competitor to us is still the agency model where you would contact them prior to going on the trip, and they would arrange a photographer for you, at absurdly high prices.”

Right now the company has launched a Kickstarter campaign not so much to raise money for the company, but rather to gauge potential interest. If you think that Pinpic is a good idea and you’d like to contribute to its success, hit up its Kickstarter page for the details.

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