Microsoft has previously said that it plans to offer over-the-air TV DVR functionality to Xbox One users but it hasn’t followed up on those plans yet. If new reports are to be believed, the company might be tinkering with this feature now and could possibly release it in the not so distant future. Microsoft is said to be internally testing the over-the-air TV DVR feature for Xbox One.

Microsoft already provides Xbox One owners in select markets the ability to view over-the-air TV but it’s not possible to record live TV. The report claims that Microsoft has started internally testing the ability to record live TV shows from the console.

It was believed initially that Microsoft would release this functionality by the end of 2015 but clearly that didn’t happen. Microsoft hasn’t said much about OTA TV DVR functionality and naturally there has been some speculation about this feature.

According to the report, “Xbox One Threshold Beta 1603 System Update” is being internally tested and that this update enables the Xbox One to record over-the-air TV shows. Apparently the functionality works while games are being played on the console when users are watching live TV or even when the console is sleeping.

There’s no official confirmation about this as yet from Microsoft so take this report with a grain of salt for now until we hear more about this from the company.

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