Snapping selfies is something that many of us do in this day and age, especially with the advancement of camera technology used in smartphones. However, because of that, there has also been a fair amount of physical danger that fell upon those who wanted to snap selfies – deaths included. In the video above, you can see a group of children who want to snap a selfie of themselves while on the roof – only to fall through said roof!

This happened after the bunch of boys wanted to grapple for the right to control the selfie stick, as all of them paid attention to the smartphone’s camera. However, it does look as though the engineering of the roof proved to be less than competent, that the loose boards finally gave way, right after a youngster shot a video of himself saying, “Hello friends, here we are on the second floor of the house.”

All of the boys then fell through the roof, and in a matter of seconds, all of them can be heard with groans (for the tougher ones), and cries of pain, as they screamed for help while the camera continued to point to the sky above – revealing a large hole in the process. Thankfully, all of them survived the ordeal, suffering minor cuts and bruises for some – and I am quite sure all of them ended up with a bruised ego to boot.

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