Have you ever been diving? If you have, you know that putting on your diving fins can be a huge pain simply because they are so incredibly difficult to put on. They also make it incredibly difficult to walk around which is not fun when you have a heavy oxygen tank and all your gear strapped to your back.


Thankfully there appears to be an answer to your problems. Dubbed the FINCLIP, this is a Kickstarter project for an accessory for your pair of diving fins that have been inspired by the ease in which ski boots are clipped to skis, and as the name suggests, these are essentially a pair of fins that users can clip on easily, thus removing the need for the struggle.

All divers have to do is slip their feet into the fins, pull the lever into place and it will clip, thus securing your feet in the process. The best part is that the FINCLIP can be retrofitted onto existing diving fins of the open heel variety (obviously), so if you have a particular pair that you love and don’t want to get rid off, this should do the trick.

In a way you could think of this as a shoehorn for diving fins. Now its creators are looking to raise a rather ambitious €90,000 for the project and so far have come in under €1,000, but if you think that you’d like a pair of FINCLIPs for your next diving trip, maybe you should consider funding the project.

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