Have we as a society come to the point where we need hi-tech solutions just to motivate us to do tasks that are essential to our survival, like drinking water? We have seen various smart water bottles in the past, but it looks like the latest comes in the form of the Gululu which is meant to appeal to kids and encourage them to stay hydrated.


How will this be accomplished? According to its creators, “Imagine a modern-day Tamagotchi meeting a water bottle, merging and creating a product designed to encourage kids to stay hydrated. That’s the Gululu Interactive Bottle in a nutshell. Animated pets thrive in and explore the Gululu Universe as your child drinks more water.”

Basically this seems like it will rely on a video game to help incentivize kids into drinking more water because the more water they drink, the further along they will progress. For example the more you drink, the bigger your pet gets, and it will also be able to collect treasures and explore underwater worlds. These virtual pets can also play together with another Gululu user nearby, so think of it as a healthy and less violent version of Digimon

There will also be an accompanying smartphone app in which parents can monitor their kids’ water intake. The sensors built into the bottle also ensures that it can tell when your kid is actually drinking the water, and not just pouring it out. Will this be an effective way to encourage kids to hydrate with water over soda and fruit juices? If you’d like to find out, you’ll have to pledge your support for its Kickstarter campaign.

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