Being aware of your health means that you can actively take part in activities that you know will benefit you. For example if you notice that everytime you eat or drink a dairy product and it sends you rushing to the bathroom, then a good idea would be to stop eating that food group, or maybe avoid that particular food and if you’re similarly affected by other dairy products.

This is kind of what a wearable by the name of Trequant wants to do for patients suffering from tremors. It is basically a wearable that users can strap to their wrist, and the wearable will then be able to detect tremors in the wearer and log that into its accompanying app. This means that at the end of the day or a week, the wearer can check their logs to see which part of the day had the most tremors, and what it is that they were doing.

So for example if tremors occur the most during stressful periods of work, then maybe it can be inferred that work is one of the triggers. Or maybe it could be that after drinking coffee your tremors occur more frequently than normal, so maybe cutting back on the caffeine would be a good idea.

Trequant isn’t aimed to fix tremors, but rather it is to give patients the chance to identify areas in their life which would aggravate their condition, thus letting them take charge of their life rather than just swallowing a bunch of pills and hope that it helps. Trequant is currently a Kickstarter project seeking funding and if you believe that it has potential to help you or those you know who suffer from the condition, then maybe you should help fund it.

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