WatchOS3_HeroAs it stands, the Apple Watch is more or less the only product from Apple that uses an OLED display, although if the rumors are true, 2017’s iPhone will be following suit. However it also seems that Apple isn’t content with just using regular OLED panels for the Apple Watch because rumor has it that next year’s model will be an improvement on the technology.

A report from DigiTimes (via AppleInsider) has revealed that for 2017’s refresh, Apple could be going with the use of micro LED panels for the Apple Watch. The Cupertino company has allegedly set up a laboratory where they are researching and developing micro LED panels which are apparently more power efficient than the current display.

Given that smartwatches usually face the same criticism of having battery life that isn’t long enough, this could go a long way in allaying those fears. However it should be pointed out that using micro LED panels will be more expensive than regular OLED panels, so it is unclear if we will be looking at a price hike, or if Apple will be absorbing the costs.

Now DigiTimes doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to Apple rumors, but as AppleInsider points out, Apple did acquire a micro LED company called LuxVue back in 2014, so maybe there is some truth to their claims.

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