Apple Watch-Tumbles-4-Up-PRINTAt the moment the majority of smartwatches do not come with a camera, and for the most part it makes sense. After all a camera on the wrist would make for some awkward photography, not to mention the size of a smartwatch means that fitting the best optics and sensors would be hard, so why even bother?

However it seems that Apple has toyed with the idea in the past. According to a patent that was filed in 2013, it looks like Apple has mulled the idea of a camera on the Apple Watch, but instead of it being used just to snap photos, it has been suggested that it could be used for scanning purposes, like QR codes which we reckon might have more utility.

The patent also suggests that the camera be mounted on the side/edge of the watch, which would make sense as it would let the user point their wrists downwards in order to scan QR codes and whatnot. However since this patent is from 2013 way before the Apple Watch was launched, and with the current-gen Apple Watch not sporting a camera, it doesn’t look like Apple has plans to implement this idea.

That being said, the second-gen Apple Watch is said to be launching later this year, but what do you guys think? Will the second-gen Apple Watch come with a camera, and more importantly, do you want a camera on your smartwatch?

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