xiaomi vrWhen it comes to smartphone OEMs launching VR headsets, Samsung was pretty much first to the market with the Gear VR. We also have Google’s Cardboard headset and earlier this year we saw LG and Huawei toss their names into the mix. In fact just last month, we heard rumors that Xiaomi could be next.

According to recent teaser images uploaded by Xiaomi, it seems that the company has somewhat “confirmed” that they are planning on launching a VR headset of their own. One of those teaser images is above which is written in Chinese, and according to the big white text in the middle, it says “I Am Xiaomi VR”.

We’re not sure what it means, but some have speculated it could mean that the company is planning a VR headset. There are also some who speculate that this could be a teaser for a Xiaomi handset that is Google Daydream compatible. Earlier this month Xiaomi did confirm their plans to launch a $600 smartphone, so could this be it?

In any case we will have to wait until the 1st of August which is when the details will be confirmed, so do check back with us this coming Monday for more information. In the meantime do you guys think that maybe there might be just a bit too many VR headsets in the market right now?

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