How cool would it be if you could just give out a command and your car’s doors were locked automatically? Sure, you could press that button on the key fob and it will take less than a second, but giving out commands seems so much fun. Perhaps this is why BMW is developing a new Alexa skill for its BMW Connected app which will enable Amazon Echo to lock your German car’s doors for you.

The BMW skill will actually enable users to do a lot more through the Amazon Echo like check up on fuel levels, get vehicle statuses such as remaining range, and more.

This feature will work with any BMW car that has ConnectedDrive Services, a standard option feature that’s available on all cars made from January 2016.

BMW’s new app will be an overhaul of its existing Connected app but the new version will act as more of a driving assistant, even providing notifications to users which indicate when they should set out on their journey in order to make it to the destination on time.

Arguably the coolest feature of the app will be its Alexa support which will enable users to access their car via an Amazon Echo speaker. It’s not the only car manufacturer to tap into Echo, Ford already has a skill for Alexa which lets users check range and even start their car all via voice commands.

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