If you love yourself a good cup of coffee, whether it be in the morning to perk you up for work or school, or one in the afternoon just to relax while reading a book, or maybe one before bed because you know, let’s all live a bit dangerously, you know that instant coffee mixes probably won’t cut it.


Unfortunately getting yourself an espresso machine can be a huge investment, not to mention pulling a shot for yourself can be time consuming and messy, especially if it’s just for you. However what if all of that could change? What if you could have cafe-grade espresso while on the move? If you love that idea, you might be interested in an Indiegogo campaign for a portable espresso maker called FUSE.

fuse modulesNow the concept of a gadget like FUSE isn’t new as we have seen similar projects in the past. However FUSE has made themselves a little different from the competition through a modular design. The idea is that you’ll be able to swap around components so that you’ll be able to get what you need. For example the base setup includes a hand plunger that will pull espresso for you. However there is also a frother module so that if you’d rather not have pure espresso, you could always froth yourself some milk to turn it into a latte.

There is also a grinder module meaning that you won’t have to pre-grind your beans. This is to ensure that your coffee will be fresh when you want it. There are additional modules that the company is planning if they were to hit their stretch goals. This includes the Power Core module that packs a thermos, a 10,400mAh battery that you can use to charge your gadgets, and a light which is ideal for cyclists or people on the go. There is also the Power Press and Power Grind which are basically automated (battery-powered) versions of the previous modules.

Speaking exclusively to Ubergizmo, FUSE Coffee’s co-founder Kenneth Chai also revealed that there are plans to create a module that will accept capsules. However Chai has expressed his care for the environment and are looking to use capsules that are biodegradable. “We are going to release a module that lets you use a coffee capsule too. We tried different ones, but we want to be environmentally responsible.”

He also revealed the company’s plans for a separate machine that one can “dock” the FUSE coffee press into, which ultimately turns it into an espresso machine for the home. If you love what you see and read about FUSE, then perhaps you’ll want to contribute to its Indiegogo campaign to help make it a reality.

In the meantime if there is an off-chance that you will be in Bangkok, Thailand this week, Chai has informed us that they will be demoing FUSE at the IP Fair Thailand from the 11-14th of August, so head on over if you’d like to check it out in person before pledging your support.

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