Just like how Microsoft’s Internet Explorer used to be lambasted for its functionality, so was Google’s Chrome browser in terms of it being slow and battery intensive on laptops. However to Google’s credit, they have made some pretty decent strides over the years at trying to improve Chrome’s battery life.

So much so that Google has recently penned a blog post and also released a video showing just how far along Chrome has come in terms of being energy efficient. In the video, it shows how Chrome 53 has improved in terms of battery life compared to Chrome 46 from a year ago. According to Google, they claim that the latest version of Chrome will be able to play video via websites like Vimeo for an added 2 hours 12 minutes compared to last year’s build.

However since users use Chrome for more than just watching videos, Google is also boasting how surfing the web is also more energy efficient, like on Mac where Chrome users 33% less power. “As one example, Chrome for Mac now uses 33 percent less power for everything from videos and images to simple page scrolling. Whether you’re planning a vacation or getting work done, you now get more browsing time from a single battery charge.”

At the end of the day whether or not Chrome is the browser for you really depends on your personal preference, but if you’re an avid user of Chrome, we guess this update just serves to highlight how far the browser has come over the years.

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