opera-privacyAd trackers are an unfortunate reality, but we guess that’s the price that we have to pay for using the internet. Now if you particularly hate ad trackers, you might be interested to learn that Opera has recently issued an update to its Opera Max app for Android where it will now be able to block them.


Dubbed “Privacy Mode”, this feature is actually based on the S Secure feature that Opera had previously created for some of Samsung’s devices. It will block/filter ad trackers so that when you browse the internet, it won’t be able to keep tabs on you and what kind of content you are looking at so that it knows what ads to serve up.

In today’s world where privacy is a heavily debated topic, we’re sure that this is a feature that users can probably appreciate. In addition to the ad tracker blocking, Opera Max’s Privacy Mode will also be able to show you information about the apps you use, so that you know which apps are safe and which could be dangerous.

The app will also be able to encrypt and anonymize your data when on public WiFi networks. As it stands, it has been recommended that we do not connect to public WiFi because it is too open, but we guess if you absolutely have to, keeping yourself protected is a good idea. You will be able to get your hands on the latest update via the Google Play Store.

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