xiaomi_mi_vrWith many companies such as Google, Samsung, and LG launching smartphone-powered VR headsets, it wasn’t surprising to see that Xiaomi decided to hop on the bandwagon with the Xiaomi Mi VR Play that was launched back in August. However it seems that the company has decided to follow up with a new headset in the form of the Xiaomi Mi VR.

Unlike the Mi VR Play which looked more boxy, the Mi VR seems to be more sleek and futuristic in its design. According to the company, it features a motion sensor, 16ms latency, and an accompany 9-axis inertial motion controller. The best part about the new Mi VR is also its price which is set at 199 yuan, which is roughly $29 converted.

This makes it insanely cheap when you compare it to other VR headsets, especially those from Sony, HTC, and Oculus which are at least ten times more expensive. Of course there are certain limitations with the new Mi VR in which that it will only play nicely with a handful of Xiaomi devices which includes the Mi Note 2, Mi 5s, Mi 5s Plus, and Mi 5.

This means that if you don’t own a Xiaomi handset (which most of us in the US probably don’t), then you probably shouldn’t bother, which is admittedly a bit of a pity.

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