note-7-gta-modYesterday it was reported that Samsung had filed a DMCA takedown request on a YouTube video which showed off a GTA 5 mod that used a Note 7-lookalike in the game as a bomb. Given that exploding Note 7 fiasco, many saw this mod as a way to poke fun at the company’s situation, which we’re guessing from the DMCA takedown request was not a mutual feeling at Samsung.

The takedown request claimed that the video had copyright violations which had us scratching our heads at first, but it looks like YouTube doesn’t agree with Samsung either and has since restored the video after its creator, sdaddy345, filed a counter-claim against Samsung while stating that the video had done wonders for his YouTube channel following the upload.

It is possible that the takedown was for other reasons, but given that there are probably thousands of videos out there that feature Samsung products, most of which have not been taken down, we’re guessing that maybe Samsung wasn’t too thrilled with the mod and how it depicted their products.

In any case Samsung seems like they have more things to worry about these days other than parody videos. The company has been hit with a class-action lawsuit in both the US and its home country of Korea, so we reckon those are probably more important than a video and mod poking fun of the current situation.

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