As you might have heard, GoPro has recently announced a recall of its recently released Karma drones. The reason? Apparently some users have claimed to have lost power/connection to their drone mid-flight, thus causing it to come crashing to the ground. Thankfully no injuries or damage to property have been reported.

That being said if you are curious about what this might look like, a user by the name of Brian Warholak recently uploaded footage of his Karma’s crash to YouTube, in which he described it as him suddenly losing his connection to his drone while it was up about 170 feet. The footage is painful to watch given how expensive the drone costs.

According to Warholak’s description of what happened, “2nd time flying my GoPro Karma, and it loses connection at about 170 feet and falls to the ground. I have contacted GoPro Support, and uploaded the pics and flight logs. Hoping they at least send me a replacement arm and props. Luckily, I only broke one of the arms and 2 props. Other than that, it works fine.”

This footage was actually uploaded last month and the recall is only taking place this month. We’re not sure if GoPro ever sent him a replacement, but last we checked the company isn’t offering replacements for the Karma drone, instead choosing to refund customers. GoPro has also stated that once the problem has been sorted, the Karma drones will be returning to the market, although whether or not customers will give the company a second chance remains to be seen.

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