minecraft story modeWe know that a Minecraft movie is in the works. Exactly what kind of story the movie will have remains to be seen, especially since the game never really had that much of a story to begin with. We also have no idea who will be cast, or at least until now where a report from Variety revealed one potential cast member.


According to the report, it seems that Warner Bros. could be getting ready to cast Steve Carell in the upcoming Minecraft movie. Carell is said to be in talks to the join the cast, but so far we have no idea who else the studio has in mind, although chances are given Carell’s potential casting, it seems that we can expect it to be a humorous movie.

Rob McElhenney will be directing the film and he has also written the movie’s script alongside Jason Fuchs who was also responsible for the upcoming Wonder Woman movie’s script. Like we said, we are curious as to what the film could be about. Then again, Angry Birds was made into a movie and the game didn’t exactly have a storyline either.

The LEGO movie was also created and it went on to do really well, so perhaps all the Minecraft movie needs is just a really great script. In any case we still have quite a long wait ahead of us because last we checked, the Minecraft movie was set for a release on the 24th of May, 2019.

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