Image credit - MacRumors

Image credit – MacRumors

It’s safe to say that most companies would much prefer if you were to repair your devices with the company themselves. This is because while under warranty, repairing outside would not only void the warranty, but it might not be a good job and could lead to more problems, which could make others perceive the company and its products in a negative way.

However it seems that Apple is fine with third-party repair services, at least as long as they have been authorized because it looks like if you were to head on over to Apple’s support site, you would actually be able to schedule an appointment with an authorized provider. This means that if you don’t stay near an Apple store or if it is an emergency and you can’t get a Genius appointment on time, not to worry as you can now find and schedule appointments with other providers.

The online support page will also lists availability so that customers know which stores are available for same-day appointments. Of course depending on the severity of the problem, you may or may not get your device back right away, but we guess that’s a different issue to worry about. If you’re interested in checking out this service, head on over to Apple’s support page for the details.

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